Services overview

SEC provide first class traditional and specialist carpentry and joinery packages including first fix and second fix, bespoke front of house joinery, heritage restoration and FIRAS fire doors. We have a proven track record of delivering on the design, manufacture and installation of our projects on time, in budget and to a high standard of Health and Safety management.

Stage 1


We are versatile and able to fulfil standard and bespoke projects


We develop architectural concepts into full compliant working drawings whilst maintaining the design intent and providing the most practicable and efficient solutions for the project needs.

Manufacturing strategy

We review tender requirements and use our supply partners across all sectors to help deliver quality and compliant products.

Cost planning

We can undertake a range of cost plan appraisals to support our clients using the most current benchmark and cost data and software.


We are committed to working with our clients utilising our knowledge and expertise to give realistic and achievable programme advice and options to ensure that the delivery requirements can be met. Focus in this advice is to ensure that the appropriate times are allowed for the Design and Procurement of each element of the project.

Resource & purchasing

We are a FSC accredited member and always strive to resource sustainable materials for our projects where possible. We buy specification compliant materials and work to keep competitive pricing for all products.

Stage 2


We deliver all aspects of the carpentry and joinery requirement

Health, Safety & Wellbeing

We prioritise Health, Safety and Wellbeing of all our employees and stakeholders above anything else. We pride ourselves on our caring culture and exceptional incident free record. Engagement of the workforce and the investment in continual training are the key. We proactively measure and monitor our performance to ensure compliance and ways to continually improve.


We believe in open, honest, and timely reporting, no surprises. We monitor and report on all commercial aspects and take a fair approach in all our commercial activities.

Project co-ordination

In our company collaboration is the route to our success, working as a partner and team member is key to this. We proactively ensure that we are an integral part of any project team, assisting our clients and supply chain colleagues where possible to accommodate the specific project requirements as they arise.

Programme delivery

Our vast range of sector experience allows us to be able to work proactively with our clients in giving advice and in meeting the material and resource demands projects require.

Design Development

We have the inhouse capability to generate bespoke working and workshop drawings meeting any specific client or project demands.


Our extensive experience in material movement and appropriate storage allows us to manage the timely delivery of materials with a bespoke plan for each project, this ensures that the handling of materials is minimised, mechanical means is the preferred solution, materials are stored in the right environment and protected to prevent any unnecessary damage.

Quality Assurance and Control

Pride & excellence is at the heart of our longevity and our approach to both Quality Assurance and Control delivers a ‘right for time approach’ in our products. Our dedicated Design and Procurement teams assure our compliance on all material and design choices, whilst our process and procedures with the most up to date software ensures our managers are equipped to monitor, record and control the installation of our works. We have recently revisited and updated our systems to be fully compliant with the Building Safety Act and Golden Thread requirements.

Stage 3

After care

We recognise that excellence needs to be achieved without compromise

Defects assistance

Our Customer Care team was established in 2016 to manage the defect packages for our main contracts. We are incredibly proud of the departments growth which is due to the relationships that we build with the client and the professional service we deliver.

Customer Care Solutions

The Customer Care Solutions team has expanded and now offers a wide range of services aside from our standard defects packages. We offer multi trade works of any size, extensive fire door packages and project contracts across all sectors.

Customer satisfaction

We are very proud of the work that we do. We are always looking for ways to improve our services, delivery and products. We survey all clients at the end of our projects to monitor customer satisfaction to keep our standard high and develop our practices for the future.